• In Focus: Empty Force, Deliverance and Stage Hypnosis.

    Drawing attention to the similarity between 3 subjects – Empty Force, the charismatic deliverance ministries and stage hypnosis. Watch, enjoy, share and like. Observing the flailing to the simple wave of a gesture, people obedient to instructions and compliance with the group dynamics.           Interviews with Sion-Marc Simpson and veteran stage hypnotist and lecturer […]

  • Pagan Pride 2015 completed video

    New video release Pagan Pride 2015. A vibrant and upbeat video showcasing the days parade and tremendous festival. First Sunday of August brings together a culmination of many hours of organization. A day of celebration for the Pagan community to come together in Nottingham. Official Pagan Pride 2015 A great video montage of footage, stills […]

  • What is the Star Line?

    The Star line. Ancient places and sites are seemingly linked together in straight lines across the Earth.  We look closely at one particular line with 40+ places all called ‘Star’.

  • Spring Heeled Jack in Nottingham

    Spring Heeled Jack in Nottingham. The infamous character usually attributed to the streets of Queen Victorias London. With claimed abilities such as jumping from the street floors to the roofs of buildings, jumping from building to building. Dropping gas into crowds. Frequently eluding police and pursuers. Some describe him as having a gentlemany appearance with […]

  • Pagan Pride graphics

    Since 2009 have been supporting and working with many of my friends promoting Pagan Pride. Their goal to have accurate representation of the pagan community and of course to celebrate (and eat cake). Through time, the need to communicate and to bring in conversation. Created the Pagan Pride UK Facebook page, along with Twitter, Youtube […]

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  • Our Curious World: Holly Paige – Food for consciousness

    Our Curious World: we talk with Holly Paige – Holly Paige is an author and project manager for Food for consciousness. Sharing a conversation. Part of a new and continuing series of talks, wherever the flow goes. Listen here or download as audio mp3 – http://kristianlander.com/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/HollyPaige_Interview.mp3   http://www.foodforconsciousness.co.uk http://hollyjrpaige.com  

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  • Behind the scenes of The history and future of Streets of Rage

    Many memories of gamings 2nd golden time. Following conversations with the team behind popular Netflix show ‘The Toys That Made Us’, call it a base pilot if you will. Compelled to make a video-game documentary in the same vein. ‘No clip’ currently occupy the space of video-game documentaries. They have a great outfit, like them very much. […]

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  • Memory fading…?

    Memory fading…? Our own personal worse fear. More than any height or the spider in the bathroom. The sense of existing forever we all feel inside confronted by the stark face of mortality when it starts to break down. Where did I put those keys down? What was your name again? Forgetting words, you know […]

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  • Pagan Pride 2017 Day of celebration filmmakers edition

    Pagan Pride continues its upward trend of being the largest festival of celebration for the pagan community anywhere in the world. A far cry from 6 stalls, 4 large gazebos and some bands organized by a handful of committed people 7 years ago. Attended by a few hundred to now thousands enjoying the fulfillment of […]

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  • Flying Rod sighting, explainable. Yet coincidence played its part

    Leaving work, 16.15 Sunday 30/07/2017 walking in an Easterly direction towards the Noel Street tram stop after a 10 hour shift at work. With the Silver aluminium cladded Pinnacle tower to my right, a tall block of private flats in the centre of the Hyson Green area of Nottingham. Crossing my mind is the object […]

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  • Having a beard does that makes you a terrorist?

    BeardLivesMatter! Beards come in all shapes and sizes, as do the people who grow them. The diversity of styles remarkable. The spectrum of cultures across the world value beards differently, indeed like fashions they come and go. For some they are proud symbol of status. To others they represent religious recognition. Throughout history they are […]

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  • Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day what do they mean?

    Went looking into the origins of Mothers Day and Mothering Sunday this morning. Just a year ago, lost my mother her birthday last year coincided with Mother’s day 14th March 2016. Followed by her death on my birthday of 22nd March 2016. Sinking in a little deeper this morning, what does Mothers Day mean? Heres […]

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  • Lets compare leaked MoD predictions looking at future trends to what has really happened

    2007 to 2016 nearly 8 years of events. What has transpired in the real world to what was proposed and probability based, expected to occur. Aimed to be an accessible video for all, clear presentation and graphics through. Going through the document, the 90+ page Ministry of Defense DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007 – […]

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  • ASSAP 35th anniversary conference

    Seriously Strange represents 35 years of taking the strange, seriously! ASSAP is an education association dedicated to discovering the scientific truth behind unexplained anomalous phenomena. Many prominent speakers over the weekend, discussing a range of topics. I was humbly approached to give a presentation talk, by Norie Miles. ASSAP List of speakers  ASSAP has no corporate beliefs and […]

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