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Camping Vlog | Peak District Ancient sites exploring The Roaches and Luds Church
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Camping Vlog | Peak District Ancient sites exploring The Roaches and Luds Church 

An invitation to hook up for a camping trip to wilds of Staffordshire. Staying out on a farm for 2 nights under the skies. Rolling cloud billowed down the peaty hillsides and rain was descending as we arrived. Yet thankfully managed to hold up enough to set up with the tent without being overally soaked. Socks and trainers though a different story.

First day once organized was a site not far from base camp. Our exploration took us up into the hills to a place, not initially dissimilar from Tolkiens Weathertop from the Fellowship of the Ring. Finding the ‘Misty Hills’. We pushed on, rather I was lead on… Up an ungrown bridlepath clearly not been used in some time. The vegetation brush thick, having to push through thigh-high grasses. Pushing on, it was no long before trousers soaked and latched to skin. Was not a happy bunny early into our adventure. Frustration was in mind, no point in turning back though. We pressed up to the top of the hill to view out over a Roman road and a wide scape. A long drop before us.

The first evening night, was an arduous one. Drying trousers over the gas stove. Yet good tasty cooked food was enjoyable to quell an annoyed heart. Listening to the Joey Diaz Church of Whats Happening Now Podcast and Myths and Legends about King Arthur and his trials in France. Laughter and stories were shared as we traded food. Wind and rain gusted into the tent, which thankfully proved resistant. Moisture and damp, on the other hand was building up in the living area. Bedding down proved challenging as the inflatable bed was found to be punctured and losing air. I was opting to sleep on the floor with triple ground mats and covers. We tucked in into the separate sleeping areas. Sleep did not come to either of us. Morning eventually came, cows moo’ed. Bodies sore, aching and bruised.

After a hearty breakfast of eggs, beans and sausage. Crumpets and a cinnamon bagel our full day was to venture up to the peak of The Roaches. A tight winding road, barely enough for one vehicle. Steep in parts, but manageable climb. View was outstanding across the Leek Valley and Cheshire Plain. Many miles across countries visible as we made steps up to the summit. Apparently all the way to Liverpool! Weather erosion on boulders left atop the hills from the ice age was beautifully haunting.

As we descended the Roaches there was a conveniently parked ice cream van! On-man muchly needed! After a little orientation with the OS map in our possession, we pressed to head to Luds ‘Church’. Over hills and under trees, taking the high path some 3-4 kilometres. Winding through a lot of heather. Before descending into the darkened woodland, a winding steep staircase took us down into the Luds Church. Felt like a different place, a different country, much like an Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider adventure. Steep sides of moss covered stone walls. Winding through to a narrow chasm, if rain were to come here it would wash through everything and everyone. Turns and crevices abundant. We continued making our descent. Wide jump steps between stones in the mud, shimming along the walls. Beautiful and haunting. Couldn’t help but consider we would have to reascend back out the way we came. Alas not! Woodland opened up before us. With awaiting ramblers who were going to the reverse of what we did descended through, glad we took to the high route!

The woodland, as we pressed through – contorted not unlike Fangorn forest. 3 kilometres we trekked through the forest, bringing us out at the base of The Roaches. That last push up the hill… was a brutal mind breaker. Oh, and the temptation for a second ice cream. lol

Second evening was a delicious meal of pasta, sausage, tomato and chilli sauce. A better nights sleep, as we prepped up the sleeping areas. with as many layers between ourselves at the floor, clothes, layers, bedding anything! It did the trick, might not have been the best nights sleep, but after 10 or so kilometres walking and a lack of sleep from the nights before. It was a nights sleep!

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