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Memory fading…?

Memory fading…? Our own personal worse fear. More than any height or the spider in the bathroom. The sense of existing forever we all feel inside confronted by the stark face of mortality when it starts to break down. Where did I put those keys down? What was your name again? Forgetting words, you know […]

Flying Rod sighting, explainable. Yet coincidence played its part

Leaving work, 16.15 Sunday 30/07/2017 walking in an Easterly direction towards the Noel Street tram stop after a 10 hour shift at work. With the Silver aluminium cladded Pinnacle tower to my right, a tall block of private flats in the centre of the Hyson Green area of Nottingham. Crossing my mind is the object […]

Having a beard does that makes you a terrorist?

BeardLivesMatter! Beards come in all shapes and sizes, as do the people who grow them. The diversity of styles remarkable. The spectrum of cultures across the world value beards differently, indeed like fashions they come and go. For some they are proud symbol of status. To others they represent religious recognition. Throughout history they are […]

Mothering Sunday and Mother’s Day what do they mean?

Went looking into the origins of Mothers Day and Mothering Sunday this morning. Just a year ago, lost my mother her birthday last year coincided with Mother’s day 14th March 2016. Followed by her death on my birthday of 22nd March 2016. Sinking in a little deeper this morning, what does Mothers Day mean? Heres […]

Lets compare leaked MoD predictions looking at future trends to what has really happened

2007 to 2016 nearly 8 years of events. What has transpired in the real world to what was proposed and probability based, expected to occur. Aimed to be an accessible video for all, clear presentation and graphics through. Going through the document, the 90+ page Ministry of Defense DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007 – […]

ASSAP 35th anniversary conference

Seriously Strange represents 35 years of taking the strange, seriously! ASSAP is an education association dedicated to discovering the scientific truth behind unexplained anomalous phenomena. Many prominent speakers over the weekend, discussing a range of topics. I was humbly approached to give a presentation talk, by Norie Miles. ASSAP List of speakers  ASSAP has no corporate beliefs and […]

Magic in my pocket: The Black Mirror

Magic in your pocket: The black mirror  Do you believe in magic? A bit of an unfair question really for which I must apologize, when I say magic, and when you think magic it is likely we have different perspectives. I have an interest in etymology the origin and ancestry of words. Magic is a […]

AV7 Alternative View reflections

AV7 Alternative View. An exceptional bold event. Held at a secluded hotel Horwood House, in the countryside of Milton Keynes. Bringing together speakers from across the globe from various disciplines and experiences gave AV7 possibly the strongest line up of information one could ever receive. Set over the course of the weekend, whilst also encapsulating […]

Sphinx and the Griffin

Exploring the curious connections between the Griffin and the Sphinx. There is a remarkable number of similarities in the mythos. We look at those in detail. We put forward information to the origin of the Sphinxs head, what it may have more likely been based on the stories – that it was the face of […]

Ghosts stuck in the recycle bin of the holographic universe.

Ghosts in a holographic universe – are they left over data? Are ghosts just people stuck in the recycle bin of the holographic universe. Consider this. You are not living in reality, you are living in virtual reality. A computer generated simulation of unimaginable size and power. A holographic universe, if you will. Seem crazy […]