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Jay Coles | Our Curious World with Kristian Lander #20

Jay Coles | Our Curious World with Kristian Lander #20 

Jay Coles is the guest for Our Curious World with Kristian Lander. Had the opportunity to speak with Jay Coles. Fresh from the stage. Jay Coles is a Nottingham based comedian and podcaster. We talk about performing on stage, comedy, 80s movies, family and explore a conversation. Be sure to watch on Youtube for Our Curious World – Exclusive Overdrive content. 

Our Curious World. An audio and video podcast. There’s something to be said for genuine conversation. Interested in a broad variety of topics, broadcasting is my way to explore them. Always learning. Join me to watch and listen to a fascinating discussion today. Kristian.

There’s a slice of story to this, a pleasent cut of social media. Minding my own business, browsing the rabbit hole that is facebook. Recommended friend suggestion. Jay Coles. 7 Mutual friends. Ok, who are these 7 mutual friends? Whats this dude all about, ohh. Seems to me, those 7 friends are from completely different circles of people. Huh. Oh he has an event coming up, doing a Stand up gig raising money for Cancer Research with an event with Ultra comedy at the Nottingham Glee club. Huh. Seems, on the calendar our media company ItsMuchMore I think is penned to review that event. 

Right, ok. I’ll drop a random message introduce and talk about those aspects, without actually using the word synchronicity. Because, not an hour before was like, I would like to get a comedian on, to talk about the scene. What it’s like for up and comers in comedy today. Maybe someone local. Here we are, the universe lining up in response. Then as cameras ping on, on the Saturday afternoon. We’re both sporting the S of the original Superhero. Superman. Couldn’t make it up. 

So here we go. Strap in. Krypton here we come! 

The Youtube Edition comes with Exclusive Overdrive content. 

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Jay Coles guest for Our Curious World

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