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New Our Curious World business cards have arrived!
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New Our Curious World business cards have arrived! 

The sheer volume of times have been asked “Do you have a card?” Or “Let’s share business cards”. Has been, if anything a little embarrassing. Putting the graphic design skills I have to great use, have remedied the situation.

Have recently also made the leap from Paintshop Pro to Adobe Photoshop, this was a test in many ways to produce exclusively in Photoshop. Designing various layouts and colour schemes. Settling on a gradient colour scheme with bold clear stand out font and text. Contemporary and stylish.

Business card photo

Checked a number of different printing solutions, my choice was relatively new outfit Banana Print. Most places do prefer you use their templates or an online arrangement set standard form. Banana Print allowed submission of my high resolution 300.000 pixel artwork. Opting for a gloss finish to give them a nice sheen. With the combination of a striking centre logo, impactful and memorable. Those I give this too may well go on to visit the content I produce and strike up some interesting conversations. Opportunities are abound.


New Our Curious World business cards have arrived!

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