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Peter Pan in Nottingham

Peter Pan in Nottingham 

Peter Pan in Nottingham. Is the Nottingham Arboretum Neverland? Was Robin Hood an inspiration for his appearance? What happened at Clifton Grove? Let’s piece together clues and find out!
J.M. Barrie spent his time in Nottingham walking his days into the city through the Arboretum. Many features find their way into books featuring Peter Pan and Peter and Wendy. It was a chance meeting across a young boy in Clifton Grove where J.M. Barrie is alleged to have been inspired to write about the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.
We explore this exciting fun topic – Peter Pan in Nottingham.

Available to watch now.


– Behind the scenes, Blog, making of and some of the crazy events and thoughts that happened!


Kristian Lander.
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