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Tag: podcast


Jay Coles | Our Curious World with Kristian Lander #20 

Comedian and podcaster Jay Coles is our guest for the Our Curious World. Fun, uplifting and insightful conversation about life before the stage, future events, 80s movies, Time Warp Cinema, podcasting and much more.


Damian Freddi | Our Curious World with Kristian Lander #15 

Damian Freddi, actor and screen/scripter writer. Host of the York Terror Trial is our guest on Our Curious World with…


Beatrice Flowers | Our Curious World with Kristian Lander #12 Lucid Dreaming 

Beatrice Flowers is the guest with Kristian Lander for Our Curious World. Joined on the live link by Beatrice Flowers…

Rabbit Hole That Is Reality Radio show

Episode 2 – Rabbit Hole That Is Reality 

Because reality really is the ultimate reality show, we are here to show you how deep and fascinating it can…

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