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Video release blog: inc Bonus unused art and graphics
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Video release blog: inc Bonus unused art and graphics 

Creating fun, content rich and punchy videos of a documentary feature style. This past week released new video took from Thursday 20th July through to following Tuesday to produce. The concept came from a number of feature videos have in mind to create with friend Kevin as part of WrestleDX podcast features, yet content wise deserve a visual showcase than just a podcast. The passion of video games and wrestling both having such a vibrant lineage and history to pull from. Entitled “Games that use wrestling as a fighting style.” Whilst still arguing in my mind, that it should be having a longer title penciled as “Exploring games and characters who use wrestling as a fighting style.” Too long for a youtube recommendation on the side. So kept it short.

What took the time to compile was capturing all original footage, from the various titles included on the list. Working from the base list of characters we were going to highlight, created initially by Kevin on shared our google doc a few months ago. Those games, became questions became do I have them? Which ones am I going to have to buy or acquire? What ones can I play via my PC. PS4 and xbox to capture footage.

Whilst the video takes in the end, 12 minutes to play. Took nearly 30 hours to bring together. Mainly in the editing suite.

First creating the narrative, a script. Each character has a tie in to the next. There’s an evolving pattern. Bringing each character to life for those who perhaps do not know the character, the wrestling aspect or their story. As each layer is value. Followed up by recording the script, a few retakes. Really wanted to nail the audio well at the right tone of delivery.

Exporting the finalized audio over to Premiere Pro. Time to do some placing. Bringing in the video and clips to develop the visual narrative. I had originally the mindset to add in an onscreen trivia note. When showing each character. They didn’t make the final cut. So much to listen to, watch and then to read – felt too noisy.

The original finalized overlay title graphic.
Travis Touchdown returning to Santa Destroy. He is a wrestling and anime otaku. Travis was recently announced for No More Heroes 3 on Nintendo Switch at E3 2019.
View the final video, now available.

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